Sunday, February 27, 2011

Series 1: Abandoned

This past weekend, I went to Waterloo, where a friend and I found an old run-down house that was literally falling apart. As dangerous as it was, we decided to enter in and take some sick pictures. I took 48 of them and edited them using Photoshop. I played with colors, contrast, vignettes and sharpness to get the results that you see below. Together, they form what I like to call my first "series" of photos. Usually, I don't take pictures like this that follow a theme. But when you have almost 50 of something, it makes something new. So here we are. 48 pictures. Series 1: Abandoned.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Back!

Ok so I tried to do this two nights ago but it would not load my pictures, and what is the point of a picture blog if there are no pictures? So these are ones that I was working on Monday night. New Year's Resolution: Be better about this blog.
The window in my room during the fall. I fiddled with the colors and contrast.
A piano in a palace. I turned it black and white except for the purples and pinks in the flowers. I then added a violet filter and a matching vignette.
My jewelry on my windowsill. Messed with contrast and colors, burned the color, and put a film grain filter over it.
A random person's laundry. I put a blue filter over it after enhancing the colors, then added a vignette, which is my new favorite effect.