Sunday, January 2, 2011

And 4 Months Later...

So I'm a terrible person and I haven't posted on here in months... Hopefully these will make up for my failure a little bit... I'm pretty proud of them!

Brugge: The side of a little house by the river. I upped the contrast and really emphasized the red in the photo. The side of the house was a bit shiny, so the shadows turned red and add a cool effect.
Brugge: I have this weird obsession with lamp posts...
Brugge: Courtney with fries. The colors are a little faded in this picture, but the graphics are clear, making it magazine-worthy. And of course, Courtney is just a gorgeous subject!
Brugge: What a street sign. Turned it black and white, with an emphasis on the gold, the only color. Upped the contrast and definition.
Brussels: The Galler window at Christmas. What window displays! Used Photoshop filters to give it more intense color and a poster effect with a slight vignette. Beautiful finish :)
Bike path in Fumal: This is from wayyy back but I came across it today in my Photoshop frenzy. Cropped it down, and then "burned" the colors, giving the bike an extra layer. The rest was just intensified and added a vignette.
My room: I was struck with inspiration today when I saw my two bears sitting on either side of the heart. That's right, this was an accident. It signifies the love I have for my family, who gave me the Bonjour bear, and my friends, because I received the other from Ryan. I put a film grain filter over it after fiddling with the color intensity and contrast, and then added a vignette for a nice touch.
My room: The second version of the bear picture. This is the "torn paper" filter, with a hand made torn border from different brushes and blending.
In the changing room of a small palace: I was struck by these eighteenth century pieces and was taken by the vintage photo they made. I used Aperture on this one, rather than Photoshop, making use of a vintage filter, vignettes, and fiddling with the contrasts and intensities of the colors, along with effects such as burning.

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I love the chair in the changing room, the bike on the path, and the street sign. I also like the shoes picture :)