Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photoshop vs. Picnik

So I have discovered that you can do much more on Picnik than just add words to a picture. There are some pretty cool features on it. And I'm sure these are all features that you can also do on Photoshop, but I am fairly new to the whole photo editing world (I typically just shoot and print 'em) and I am still learning how to use my editing software! This is a picture of me! :) It is actually one of my senior pictures (my friend and I took them together) and I really wanted a lot of dancing pictures and this was one that I really liked. Of course, like all good photographers, I felt the need to tweak it to make it extra special. So this is one picture that I did on Picnik rather than Photoshop. Actually that's a lie. First I edited it on Photoshop, and changed the colors and saturations and definition and highlights and all that. But then I uploaded it to Picnik and did that really sweet tunnel effect on it. I really like the way it turned out. Thank you to both!


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  2. That looks amazing! I will have to try out the picnik features. I take a few photos and post on my Colorado fioshing blog from time to time. eel free to check it out and follow when you get bored. Following from a